News and updates

Allocation status:

We currently have dedicated use of 4,000 nodes on the QCDOC machine at Brookhaven, starting December 1st, 2008, and ending July 1st, 2009. This translates to approximately 20 million QCDOC core-hours, with roughly 16.6 million remaining (83%.)


The goal of this project is to explore the behavior of Yang-Mills theories with N = 3 colors, and varying numbers of light fermion flavors Nf. An intimiate knowledge of the properties of such theories may be crucial if the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) uncovers evidence of new strong interactions beyond the Standard Model. Domain wall fermions are used to investigate the behavior of the particle spectrum and other quantities as the number of flavors is varied. PI George Fleming was awarded a class A allocation for this project through the USQCD collaboration for the 2008-2009 project year.

Project status as of 01/08/09:

Currently we are in production mode on QCDOC. The USQCD allocation is being focused on the case of 6 light fermion flavors, using lattices with volume 24^3x32. The following table lists the number of trajectories gathered so far at each of four mass points:

mf # traj
0.04 480
0.0266 390
0.02 350
0.0133 275

Preliminary analysis of the gathered data is underway, but no results are available yet.


01/08/09: Initial project update.